Chat with Head Coach Pat Shearer

The season is just a few hours away from launching for the 2023-24 season.  We asked Head Coach Pat Shearer some questions leading into the launch of the season

Q – Heading into the start of the 2023-24 season, what can you tell is about your team?

A –They are a highly motivated and competitive group. As a staff we have high expectations of
their work ethic and their desire to win. Like any season, it is a process of building towards
playoffs, but it is encouraging to see the level of talent throughout our lineup as we approach
opening night.

Q – Tell us about the goaltenders for the Frankford Huskies this year.

A – We are really excited about our one-two combo this season. Sam Dingle has Junior A experience.
He has great playoff experience. Over the last two years we have seen first hand what he can do.
Another strength of Sam’s is his leadership. He will not be wearing a letter as a goalie, however he will
be one of our captains on and off the ice.
We have a great scenario with Dean Spry, who like Dingle, is a Quinte Red Devils grad. Dean had a
G.A.A with QRD last season below 2.00 (1.61 Regular Season and 1.94 Playoffs). Also, like Dingle he is a
local guy (Dingle – Brighton, Spry – Stirling Rawdon).
Dean has a high compete level and wants to continuously better himself. It will be a great situation for
him to work with and learn from Sam.
We are excited to have two great goalies for the coming year. I believe it will be one of, if not the best
tandems in Junior C.


Q – What will your defence core be like?

A – The backend will be mobile and competitive, and will challenge offensive groups nightly. They have
shown the ability to skate themselves out of trouble and are a confident group making themselves part
of the offense. This has been great to see as they are a young group for the most part. Carter Musclow
will be returning for his third season, wearing the C, and will lead this group of defence with his
relentless work ethic and winning attitude. These attributes become contagious in a group and will help
make our younger players successful.


Q – Tell us about the leadership of this team.

A – We have told you about two of them already. Dingle and Musclow will be two guys that make
everyone around them better.

Dingle has done it all and Carter has been extremely loyal to the Huskies program. From day one he
wore the “C” and we have seen him mature within that role, playing a major part in getting the program
to where we see it now. Dylan Foster and Kieran Ellis are the other two player who have been with the
team since the inaugural season.
Captains for the season will be, Carter Musclow wearing the C, Dylan Foster and Karsten Leonard as
Assistant Captains, and goalie Sam Dingle, although not able to wear a letter, will be part of the
leadership group in a captaincy role.


Q – What about the new players?

A – Director of Operations Frank Robinson, General Manager Ian Green, our Assistant Coaches, and
myself have been working hard this off-season. We went straight to work recruiting a number of guys
out of the Quinte Midget AAA program. QRD did a great job with that program last season and we hope
that this is a relationship we can nurture, and foster for a long time to come.
Those young men selecting Frankford says to me that we have done a lot right in the first two seasons
and that the program continues to move in a positive direction. They will grow as players, they will have
fun, and we treat our players well.


Q – It appears that you are also getting help from outside the organization as well to ensure this is a
good place to play.

A – The support from the local community has been outstanding. It starts with the City of Quinte West.
Municipal staff and council have been incredible. Their investment in the Frankford arena is going to
provide an even better experience for players, and families coming to watch the games. The new boards
and glass give the arena a fresh look and the new dressing room for the club will give them a great spot
of their own to take pride in. For players new to junior hockey, walking into that room will be exciting
and will also hopefully help with recruitment in the future.
These young men will be provided with everything they need to succeed. With the leadership, talent
and desire to win we see with this group, we are positive it will be a fun and successful season.