Huskies Pre-Season continues this Weekend!

     Huskies fans, the Frankford Huskies continue their pre- season this Friday as they take on the Napanee Raiders in a home and home series.  

     Then on Saturday, your Frankford Huskies are back at home, (sorta) as they host the Raiders at 6:50 pm, at the Duncan Memorial Gardens in Trenton.  (Currently there is no ice available in Frankford)

     Head coach Pat Shearer is excited to get going, and fans should be excited to see our new additions that will be in the lineup.

     We will be selling 50/50, have merchandise for sale, and the canteen will be up and running.

     So fans, be sure to come on down to the Dunc, bring your noisemakers, and be sure to cheer loud!

     Let’s Go Huskies!