23-24 is 50 Years of Huskies History

The Frankford Huskies will launch their season and it is a special anniversary in the history of hockey for Quinte West, but in particular for Frankford.

Frankford Huskies Hockey is celebrating 50 years.


1973-74 was the first season for the Huskies.  There have been many teams from then to now, however several things have remained the same.  There has been unbelievable players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and most of all fans.


This season to celebrate the 50th anniversary, the Huskies will be bringing in a 3rd jersey, which goes back to the very first team.  Most fans think of the black, red, and white, however the very first jerseys were in fact blue and white.


This commemorative hoodie is one of the pieces of merchandise that will be for sale at The Den this season.  They will be available for $65.

The jerseys will be unveiled for the first time, one the game day they are worn la

Current and past Frankford Huskies gathered for a photo before the inaugural game of the new Frankford Huskies (Photo: Amy Deroche)