Huskies Name Presenting Partner
The Frankford Huskies are preparing for the start of their fourth season this coming fall. Throughout the re-birth of the Huskies Jun [...]
Shearer is PJHL Coach of the Year
Pat Shearer says when the Town of Frankford got junior hockey back in 2021, he had a 5-year plan to make the team a champion. He says [...]
PJHL Aligns with OHL 50/50 for Ontario’s Children’s Hospitals
Today the PJHL is launching a social media alignment for the OHL’s Ultimate 50/50 campaign in support of Ontario’s Children’s Hosp [...]
Huskies and Raiders to Do Battle Sunday
Fans, It's a rare Sunday in Frankford, and we couldn't be happier.  Your Frankford Huskies are hosting arch rival Napanee Raiders today [...]
TRADE ALERT: Carr coming home
A former Quinte Red Devil is leaving northern Ontario just in time for a playoff run in the PJHL. Tyson Carr has been traded from Fre [...]
Huskies Home Game Monday
Huskies fans, Happy New Year, and we are back!!! This Monday evening, your Frankford Huskies are back at home, as they take on the Ca [...]
Busy weekend ahead for Huskies
This Friday your Frankford Huskies travel to Napanee to take on the Raiders, in what will be a definite nail biter.  Both teams will be [...]
Huskies Back Home Tonight!
Host Amherstview Jets at 6:50 pm Huskies fans, all we can say is FINALLY!  Finally we are back home. Tonight your Frankford Huski [...]
Huskies are on a successful Road Trip, Thus Far!
The Frankford Huskies are on their longest road trip of the season, which will see them play 7 games in a row, away from home.  Current [...]
Huskies host the Raiders tonight!
Tonight in Frankford, your Huskies are hosting TOD division rivals, and always quite the powerhouse of a team, the Napanee Raiders, with [...]