Quinte West Council Investing In Frankford Arena

The City of Quinte will be making upgrades to the Dr McMullen Recreation Centre in Frankford.

During the City Council meeting on June 6, 2022, members discussed the creation of a dressing room for the Junior C Hockey Club.

The Corporate and Financial Services Committee recommend and City Council agreed, that staff be directed to move forward with the design and construction of a dressing room space for the Frankford Huskies.

“On behalf of the Frankford Huskies organization, I want to express gratitude towards staff and council for this announcement,” says Frankford Director of Operations Frank Robinson. “The City of Quinte West has shown commitment to the team.  When Ownership purchased the Junior C franchise from Ayr, Ontario, we knew Frankford had a rich hockey history and would make a perfect home for junior hockey once again.  With this investment by the municipality, we are able to make a long term commitment in Quinte West.  The Frankford Huskies are here to stay.”

Head Coach Pat Shearer says, “This is a great day for the future of this team.  Hockey players take great pride in their home.  Last year, despite winning just twice, the support the fans showed the Huskies was second to none.  We have players from other teams comment on the atmosphere in Frankford.  This season when we win many games, it is only going to get better.” Shearer continued,” It was tough on our players to have to pack up after each game, while other teams in our league have their own room.  This support of city staff and council is wonderful action to be able to improve hockey in Frankford.”

“This is great news for the future of our team,” says General Manager Ian Green.  “One of the jobs of a General Manager is to recruit players.  When young men and their families came to Frankford last season, they saw a great Junior C barn, with assets like the Frankford Lions Hall, large crowds, business support, and the atmosphere.  With council and staff supporting the creation of a team dressing room, we will be able to recruit players with the whole package, that is the community of Frankford and the facility.”

Frank Robinson finished by stating, “The City of Quinte West has shown commitment to the Frankford Huskies, and Ownership is committed to the community of Frankford, the City of Quinte West, an