Huskies in Port Hope Saturday


     Huskies fans, your Frankford Huskies are back in action, this Saturday, as they travel to Port Hope to take on the Port Hope Panthers.  Puck drop for this one will be at 7:30 pm.

The Huskies have been hot as of late, and are looking to keep the momentum going, against a very game Port Hope team.  Goaltending has been real strong as of late, and goal scoring has been a high note as of late, lead by Jacob Tinney.

Ian Green has been real happy with the progress the guys have been making as of late, and has really emphasized that overall team condition, and brotherhood is to credit.

We hope you all can make it down to Port Hope and cheer on the fellas, as they look to keep the wins, the good habits, and positivity going!


Go Huskies Go!!!