Marylou Frost Returns As Huskies Presenting Sponsor

Since the re-birth of the Frankford Huskies two years ago, one sponsor, volunteer, and partner has gone above and beyond to ensure the team’s success.
The PJHL club is thrilled to announce that Marylou Frost of Exit Realty is returning to be the team’s Presenting Sponsor for the 23-24 season.

Director of Operations Frank Robinson says, “Not only do Marylou and Bob Frost step up as our main volunteers, they also invest financially in the club.  Not only do they invest, they are the largest sponsor the club has.”  Robinson continued, “We do not have the ability to function the way we do without Marylou.”

When fans arrive at the Frankford Lions Club entrance each game, they are greeted by the husband and wife duo of Marylou and Bob Frost.  They sell the clubs tickets and 50/50 and on occasion even the merchandise.

“I love seeing junior hockey back here in Frankford,” says Frost. “I remember decades ago watching Junior C hockey in Frankford arena.  The crowds would be hanging out of the rafters and the atmosphere was incredible. My children were enrolled in Frankford Minor Hockey, I was on the executive and helped fundraise, while Bob was the league convener.”  Frost continued, “This franchise has brought me right back to those days.  To be back as this year’s presenting sponsor for the

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Frankford Huskies is a perfect fit, and I cannot wait for the fall.”